*The elopement portion of this giveaway is closed*


Help me and help yourself, too!

I am looking for couples who are adventurous, colorful, and ready to explore. If you are looking for a photographer to go with you to New Zealand, California, Maine, or ANYWHERE in the world to photograph your intimate destination wedding without breaking the bank, I am your girl. I want to expand my portfolio to include these weddings, and if you are willing to help me help you we might just be made for each other!

You would only be responsible for my travel expenses (plane tickets, gas, lodging, etc.) and nothing else!

Fill out the form below to see if we are a perfect match! I am only going to select a certain amount of couples for this giveaway, so submit quickly!

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Extra points if you're getting married in the Redwood Forest!
Tell me everything! How many people will be there, what kind of day are you looking to have? Let's get excited together!!