Picking a Photographer is like Buying a Car

It definitely sounds weird, but it’s true: picking the right wedding photographer is a lot like buying a car.

#1: You want something that will last

When you are car shopping, you do a ton of research. You look at customer reviews to see if repairs are crazy expensive, or if it will run for 15 years with high mileage. You don’t want something that will break down in a couple of years, but something with a lifelong guarantee. A similar process happens when you are looking at wedding photographers.


That is why I have a personal guarantee to five years access to your online wedding photography gallery and the option to purchase prints or albums that are crafted with the best archival products on the market.

Your grandkids will be able to look through your wedding album with their children, and it will still be in amazing condition.


#2: You want something that is customizable

Girl, you want those heated leather seats and the moon roof. Or maybe you want four wheel drive and bluetooth speakers. Picking the things that matter to you, and not the dealership’s bottom line, is key.

That is why I offer the option to build your own wedding packages.

Maybe you have a cousin who will photograph your engagement session, or you want 7 hours of wedding day coverage instead of 6 or 8! All of my wedding packages have a basic starting point which my clients can add to.

You can build the package you want without paying for things you don’t need!

Jenn & Mark decided that they didn’t need an engagement session and purchased albums separately one year after their special day.


#3: It has to be a worthy investment!

Just like buying a car, wedding photography is a big investment. If your new car is a lemon, you’re not going to want to keep it. If a photographer doesn’t go the extra mile for you or doesn’t have the qualifications you need, you may not want to book with them.


My job doesn’t stop after the day of your session or wedding.

I go home and begin the post process. I find the best photos from your session and make them even more perfect. Sometimes that means getting rid of that one strand of hair across your face, zapping that zit off of your nose (bro I have a huge breakout right now, I am so not judging), and even making sure your skin tone is accurate. It can even mean cleaning up your environment!

One of the fun things about my job is doing a before and after swipe, check out some of my faves below!


Your wedding photos will become family heirlooms that will be passed down for generations.

I hear stories all the freakin’ time from couples who regretted their wedding images. When you’re looking for a photographer, keep in mind all of these things. Even if I personally am not the right photographer for you, make sure that you are happy with your investment. I treasure the photo I have from my late maternal grandparent’s wedding day 70 some odd years ago.

It’s your wedding. Make sure it is documented and remembered in the best way possible.


I hope this blog helps you and that your search for a wedding photographer goes smoothly! Click here if you want to learn more about me. If you think we might be a right fit, message me! Subscribe to my mailing list below.