My name is Katie, otherwise known as The Girl with the Glasses.

The Basics

Hey there! I am a photographer based out of Connecticut and serving the extended New England area. My childhood dream is to travel the world, though, so I am always down for a destination wedding! Check out my destination and elopement giveaway here. I grew up on the coast of Connecticut and, as a result, I tend to get anxious whenever I go too far inland even though I'm not the biggest fan of the beach. Spending my weekends chilling with my cat Samwise on the couch or hiking with my boyfriend is ideal. I am too pale to tan! My long term personal goal is to buy a few acres of land in order to rescue two or three cows, some sheep, alpacas, a donkey, and a bunch of dogs and cats. I'm a sucker for all kinds of furbabies. My current professional goal is to photograph a celebrity wedding (Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, I'm looking at you!).

 As a photographer my passion is to bring out the vibrancy of the people I photograph. I love creating styled, personalized photoshoots that encapsulate the essence of whoever is in front of my camera. Whenever someone comes to me and says, "I never photograph well!" I take that as a personal challenge. It is my belief that everyone is photogenic and that it is your level of confidence and comfort that assures beautiful portraiture. Whether that means making the groom laugh and relax on your wedding day or seeing to that my lovely brides have that one little wisp of hair taken care of, I will make sure that you feel comfortable.


I was educated at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, a well rounded photography school located in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Experts in the photography field who love what they do were my wonderful instructors. As a result of their knowledge, I know how to sculpt with light, design a session, and create stunning images. Just for you!